Friday, January 19, 2018

Project Pan - 2017

So I can't believe it's already 2018 and I meant to write about this in 2017.

Back in June 2017 I started a project pan with an awesome group of people on Facebook. We all have a fairly large collection of makeup and such and everyone was on board with the idea to try and do a project pan.

I think project pan has been fairly popular lately. I was curious about it last spring so I started researching what it was exactly and why people where doing it. I don't quite recall which particular article I read or got this from anymore at this point (it's been about 6 months - heh) but if you spent so much money on something why not use it and appreciate it? I know when it comes to shiny pretties you never want to touch it because it's so shiny but it is meant to be used and loved. So that is what we decided to do.

We laid out some fairly simple guidelines to try our best with.

* This is meant to be fun and show some love to our stashes!
* Any number of products you choose - comprised of makeup, skincare, hair care, and bath products. (By no means an inclusive list - have a suggestion for a category - share it)!
* By the end of 2017 using as many products as we can - and at the end tally how many and the dollar amount
* Once a product is done - review it for the group
* Monthly updates to our progress 
*  If a product doesn't work out - (breaking you out, irritation, etc ) drop it from the pan. 
* This definitely does not mean to stop swapping/purchases.

And it's been fun! I'm not nearly as far as I wanted to be but I'm trying to make some progress.

My initial project pan started with the below items:

(It appears a lot of these items are no longer available or out of stock - for that I do apologize). 

So my short reviews of these and their status in 2017.

TheBalm TimeBalm Rose Face Cleanser - PANNED. It definitely worked. I don't think I would repurchase it even if I could find it available. I have other face cleansers that I like better. I wish it smelled more like roses - the scent was lacking.

AFK Cosmetics Liquid Lip Witches Are Made of Wood - RETIRED. So I am really sad about this one. I was so excited to use it because AFK was one of my favorite indie companies before they shuttered. It is also based off of one of my favorite movies - Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I used it a couple days....and I had not been feeling so great. Sore throat - and normally I don't use liquid lip products when I'm sick because I'm weird about germs. I just figured I was having a reaction to the bleach I had used in my hair the couple days prior. I had STREP THROAT. And being a liquid lip there was no way to sanitize so I had to retire it from the project pan. I only am keeping it because the art work is so adorable.

Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm - IN PROGRESS. This feels like a never ending moisturizer. It has a distinct earthy smell to it - but it dissipates very quickly. It makes me very glowy and I feel quite moisturized. Most of the time I wear it under my makeup. This will have to carry into a 2018 project pan. I would like to repurchase - however - I will have to wait for a sale because it is VERY pricey $68. It looks like there is new packaging and they now have shades closer to your skin tone on the Bobbi Brown website.

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum - IN PROGRESS. I took a break from using this. Sometimes it made my eyes itchy. And to be honest - most evenings after taking my makeup off I just forgot to use it and was too lazy to haul my bum out of bed and put it on. It will have to be added to the 2018 project pan.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Enigma - RETIRED. I think I got about halfway through this. I purchased it a very very long time ago and technically has a 6 month life according to the packaging. I was starting to have issues with it applying patchy and my eyeshadow creasing on me constantly. It also separated on my lids. I figured it's probably gone bad so it is getting tossed.

NYX Microbrow Pencils - Brunette & Taupe - PANNED. These were really easy to use up. I loved them. They looked great and both colors worked well on me. When I'm done using up some of my other eyebrow products these would be on the list again to purchase because they are reasonable and ULTA often has NYX on sale. ($9.99/each).

TheBalm Balm Desert Bronzer - IN PROGRESS. I did hit pan on this. It definitely has been slow going because I don't use Bronzer a lot. I love this color on me as it's subtle and doesn't look like I rolled around in dirt.  I have some other bronzers that I will also need to use up so this will continue into my 2018 project pan. I love most of the products I've tried from TheBalm and this one is no exception. And when you can snag the brand on sale it's even better. ($21).

Dior Eyeshadow Single - Ribbon - IN PROGRESS. This is a great subtle eyeshadow. For a chunk of 2017 I did use other shadows as I wanted a bit more oomph for my brown bone and inner corner highlight. I'm undecided if I want to include this in my 2018 project pan because I like oomph. However, the formula is great and the shade is really pretty even if it is subtle.

Benefit Bathina - IN PROGRESS. The dents in this come from my 3 year old getting into while I was in the shower. She loves putting this on with me. The scent is great and I love the glowy finish. I'll be keeping this in my 2018 project pan but it will probably get more use come Spring/Summer when I wear more sleeveless tops and shorts.

Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder - Porcelain Pearl - PANNED. I used up an entire product!!!! This is a first since I really started getting into makeup back in 2014. I used this pretty much every day. I loved it. If it weren't so expensive - I would definitely repurchase. ($57). When I got it - I most definitely did not pay full price so maybe after I use up some others I may treat myself. I loved the little bit of shimmer it had. And the compact is just amazing. I'm keeping it because the mirror is nice and it's a hefty little thing.

Urban Decay Naked2 Basics - IN PROGRESS. I use this practically every day to set my eyeshadow primer and for my crease. This one leans more cool toned which I feel fits better with my skin tone. I will continue to keep using this in 2018. I love seeing the dents I've made in the product. It's so exciting!! :D

Project Pan 2018 to come!

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New year, new organization

So at the end of 2017 I decided I needed to do some organization of my collection. I've been collecting makeup since 2014 and it is scattered between my bathroom, my closet, and my dresser in my room. It was difficult to keep track of what I had and use things consistently because I would have some stuff everywhere.

In the summer I revamped my computer desk with acquiring Alex drawers and a table top from IKEA and it had been working awesomely for my computing needs. I know the internet is gung-ho for Alex drawers when it comes to makeup organization as well. So I purchased another set of Alex drawers and put them in my closet to start organizing  and that never happened. It just wasn't convenient to put some stuff in my closet, have some stuff on my dresser, and then some stuff in the bathroom where I would get ready in the morning. Not to mention I know it's not a good idea to keep makeup in the bathroom because of the humidity. And that did concern me because I didn't want my stuff to get ruined. 

So since I had the set of Alex drawers in my closet already I decided to do a similar setup in my bedroom as I had with my computer desk in my office nook. I live in a cape cod and there are the cutest little dormers so my room has a pretty cool nook that had my storage bench sitting there. 

So a few days before Christmas the minions and I trekked to IKEA and purchased a table top as well as two legs. (Linnmon table top and Adil legs if you want to be specific). And then began the quest to get all of my makeup and skincare organized and take into account what I have. Needless to say 2018 will be a no buy/low buy sort of year. Much shopping of the stash this year.

The before = disaster. It became a dumping ground for laundry that I needed to hang up so I had draped it over the storage bench and one of my minions dumped it all on the floor.

All set up and ready for some stuff!

Slowly migrating storage containers and brushes from their various hiding spots. 

OMG HOW DID I MANAGE TO COLLECT ALL THIS IN THE LAST THREE YEARS. Don't mind the weird video...I'm not very good at taking videos. And it was really late - 1 AM at least. 

One of my favorite things to use is mason jars for brush storage.

Almost done. Drawers have been organized. Most used makeup has been relegated to the clear storage thingy and brushes are clean and ready to be put in their jars.

Done!!! I need some better light. But my old desk lamp works in a pinch. (I'm up at 5-5:30 AM so there is no natural light for me to work with at the asscrack of dawn),

Clear organizer with my most used items. (And some I want to try and use more). Setting sprays.  Lip products. Double ended brushes. Eyeliner. Lip liner. Mascara. Eyeshadow singles/duos. 

Close-up. <3 p="">

Close-up <3 p="">

Close-up <3 p="">

Top drawer is holding foundation, brow products, primers, and powders.

2nd drawer has bronzers, blushes, and face palattes.

Eyeshadow palettes. (It's so nice to have these consolidated now). 

More eyeshadow palettes, highlighter singles and palettes.

More eyeshadow palettes. I don't have a problem....I swear!!

Overall, I'm very pleased with how this turned out. Sitting down instead of leaning over a bathroom sink or standing in front of a bookcase was enjoyable. I was able to declutter a lot through this process and I still need to go through and declutter some more as well as post on Mercari/Facebook the items that aren't getting any love in my collection. I still have some items on my dresser (my lipstick tower and perfumes) and the closet just has extras. It will be much easier now to shop my stash. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Empties Round 2

So this post has been a bit delayed. My round 2 empties are from June 27th and here it is already November 2nd! So I have a huge bag of empties to review as well as update my project pan (which is also a post I need to make).

So this round of empties were some of my favorite items, new favorites, and new items I'm on the fence about.

I've been using this product for quite some time now. It is one of my favorite hairsprays because it is a very natural hold. My only complaint with this is sometimes it comes out a bit powdery on the hair if you use too much. 

This was a new item I picked up. I was trying to find a toner that was reasonable and hopefully wouldn't irritate my skin. My skin has never looked better. I've been using it in the morning after I wash my face and in the evening after I take off all my makeup and wash my face. The scent is not particularly rose smelling - but doesn't smell overly medicinal. But I've actually always liked the smell of witch hazel. I don't seem to break out nearly as much as I used to. I'm only breaking out during that fun time of the month. I've already repurchased this and it's going to be a staple in my routine.

I've used both of these for awhile and I honestly don't see too much of a difference between them - but they definitely keep my makeup on all day! Definitely a staple on my vanity and I definitely can see the difference when I forget to use this. And bonus - it doesn't make me break out. 

I have long been searching for a make-up remover that doesn't take my eyelashes off when I remove my mascara. Alas, while this is pretty awesome at removing my eyeshadow - it still doesn't remove my eyeliner or my mascara off any better than more reasonably priced makeup removers. 

Another remover that I tried to find my holy grail makeup remover. While this one is more mid-range in price - it did well removing my eyeshadow - but still I struggled with removing my liner and mascara. The search continues! 

I don't remember where I got this sample anymore but it did work well to clean my sponges. I didn't use it on any Beauty Blenders - as all I have are the Real Techniques sponges. It sudsed up nicely and cleaned the foundation really well. My only thing I didn't like about it was that it had a rather off-putting scent. It wasn't soapy smelling...just rather chemically.

But overall - I'm really enjoying trying to use things up and track the things I do use up. It's definitely satisfying to see what I've used up!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Empties - Round 1

 I've been back to work from maternity leave for a little over six weeks and I've been crazy busy at work trying to remember everything and get back into the swing of things. As well as we have had a lot of org changes so I've needed to step it up and really try and take on as much as I can. But I've been plotting this post for awhile (as well as some other ideas) as I've been saving some of the products I've recently finished or almost finished up to write about and whether or not I would repurchase. I see some YouTuber's make videos so that's where the inspiration came from.

So the first items on my list are my brow pencils. I have recently finished up two of them. First up was my desert island brow pencil from Colourpop in the shade Dope Taupe.  I loved the color of this item because it isn't too dark. Sometimes when I use a brunette colored pencil my eyebrows look like I took a sharpie to them. This pencil was just the right color to fill everything in and make them look quite natural. And at $5 it is a steal....the only caveat is free shipping doesn't start until $30 with Colourpop. So it would bring the pencil to $10.99 with shipping for just one. And these did break a bit the more I used this one even if I over advanced it a tiny bit. And once the product was out of the tube it did not go back. (I may have to revoke it's desert island status). And lately I have not been feeling much of my single Colourpop shadows and have destashed almost all of them. If I do make a Colourpop order - I definitely will pick up another.  But right now I've moved to trying out the NYX Micro Brow Pencil because ULTA had a B1G1 sale on NYX and using up the rest of the brow gel pot that Colourpop has...also in Dope Taupe!  

The other brow pencil I finished up over the last couple months was one from BH Cosmetics Studio Pro HD Brow Pencil that I picked up a long time ago and kind of forgot about. It was in the shade Brunette and I was a little concerned that it could be a bit too dark but I found that it wasn't especially if I blended it a bit with the spoolie. I did like this product and would repurchase if I was making an order to get the free shipping. (I'm all about free shipping and like to make my online purchases worth my while. Standard shipping on BH Cosmetics website is $4.95-$7.95). The pencil itself is $6.99 so again it's a great price and a good product for that price if you don't look at the cost with shipping. It went on very nicely and it was retractable which scored points with me.

Now this is one of my favorite primers and I'm so sad the indie company that made it is out of business. But AFK Cosmetic's Paladin Face Primer. It was on par with Benefit's Porefessional. The tube was .5 oz and only $12 (and her shipping was reasonable at $3). I'm ready to cut the tube open and get the last little bits out. This stuff blurred my pores and was so comfy. And it spoke to my inner geek. Paladins are awesome! Sad that I won't be able to repurchase this particular one. /sadCat But I've been using up my Porefessional samples that my awesome friend Janel sent me as well as trying some new ones out (Hourglass and Becca).

I've never been good about using setting spray...but I've made an effort to start using it so that my foundation lasts a bit longer. I had 2 Deluxe sample sized bottles of Urban Decay's All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray (I have the old bottle styles). And it works. I felt that when I took my makeup off at the end of the day there was still a lot left on my face. (I have the bad habit of resting my chin on my hands or just touching my face in general). It didn't make me break out which again is a huge win for me. Once I run out of all the other samples of setting spray I have this would be on the short list to repurchase. Only thing I didn't like is that when I got down to the dregs the spritzer didn't work as well and it didn't have the fine mist I was expecting. It's not the end of the world but it was a bit annoying having a giant drop in some areas versus the fine mist in the others and waiting for it to dry. I did end up combining the two sample bottles but I think it's time for it to go and move on to the next setting spray I have.

I was bound and determined to finish up this face cleanser - I bought it a long long time ago. (I'm so bad about finishing stuff up. I just get bored). The Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Face Wash. It has a distinct coconut smell but it definitely isn't off-putting. (I like the smell of coconut...I just don't want to eat it or taste it). I don't think it did a good job removing my eye makeup but it did okay removing my face makeup or just cleaning my face in general. It didn't make me break out. But I'm not completely sold on this one. I have some others that I'm using that I'm enjoying more.

And last but not least - I've developed an obsession with anything Bobbi Brown. (I seriously want all the things...including items from her glasses line. The packaging is just so sleek). I got a deluxe sample of the Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm when you purchased the full size during one of the beginning of the year sales. I used up the deluxe sample and I really enjoyed it. It does have a scent to it. It smells a little earthy but it doesn't last long. It makes me absolutely glow. It's great for no makeup days. There are only two things I don't like about it. It does accentuate my pores if I put it too close to my nose. But I love this stuff anyway. And it has a pretty steep price tag at $65 for only 1 oz. Beauty is pain....for my wallet. But my skin has not looked this good in a long time since I've been diligently trying to take care of it. And it doesn't break me out! /happyCat Once I finish it up I am on the fence about repurchasing it. If I can snag it during a sale (either on Bobbi Brown's website or Sephora) I will probably repurchase.

That's all for now! It takes me forever to go through anything because I get bored and want to try new stuff all the time.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

A few of my favorite items for my kids....

So Owen just turned 4. Lilly is almost 2.5. And Evan will be 3 months in a couple of weeks. I think I kind of have this baby stuff figured out. LOL. Maybe just a little...and still each kid is different as I'm discovering with Evan. He is definitely more cranky and not an easy going baby like the other two. But as I've now been through the newborn phase three times I have a decent handle on what stuff is really important versus rather useless. (Insert the typical disclaimer here - this is what worked for me and these are my opinions before anyone gets butthurt).

With Owen, being my first, we went crazy on the baby stuff. Had a ton of gadgets and clothes that we never even made use of.  With Lilly we knew what we hadn't used so we made sure to play it a little smarter. And with Evan. Well Evan was a bit different. After Lilly we said we were done having kids. Imagine my surprise when I got pregnant with him while having an IUD.

As Lilly outgrew toys and clothes I sold/donated/gave to other friends and family so that by the time I found out I was pregnant with Evan - we had pared down our baby stuff to just a few outfits that I didn't want to give away or toys that we just never got around to re-homing.  But even though we had to re-buy some things - we knew what we needed and didn't buy any of the useless stuff.

Some of the overrated items we got/purchased before we got "smart" were those cute little coordinated outfits of the button down shirts and matching corduroy pants. Or those dress outfits. But to be honest - I'm not a girl who wears a lot of pink or dresses/skirts - you will rarely ever see me in a dress...hell freezes over when I wear a dress. So it's only typical that Lilly wouldn't be wearing pink or dresses either.   Trying to get a squirmy newborn into those outfits is just a pain. And changing those frequent dirty diapers and getting them out of those outfits is also a pain. So even though I had purchased some - most were rehomed and when Evan arrived - I did not rebuy. The only outfits were the ones with the pants and onsies and I think we got maybe a couple of them. And even those were too many (which I'll go into more later).

The other type of clothing piece I don't like was the footless one piece romper/jammies. All my kids are winter babies so here in Michigan it is effing cold. So cold that many of us wonder why we live where the air hurts our face cold.  And itty bitty newborn to 3 month socks are a pain. They never stay on their feet. So put together footless jammies and socks that don't stay on = no. Just no.

Another baby item that was a pain (and we actually exchanged it) was the big baby bathtubs. At the time - our house was only a 1100 sq ft 3 bedroom 1 bath house. And that bathroom was on the small side with practically zero storage. So having this big baby tub that would fit nicely into my tub was cool. But there was no where to store it when they weren't having a bath.

Random stuffed animals. My dogs thought they were for it's a miracle that any have survived. LOL.

Something else we had a ton of -was way too much newborn items with Owen. Owen outgrew newborn clothes within a couple of weeks. So when getting clothes - get a good mix of newborn and 3 month. All three of my kids were in 3 month clothes within a few weeks of being born.

But onto the baby/toddler stuff that I found to be amazing and a good buy.

So I mentioned above that we exchanged the baby tub for something that would work a little better in our tiny bathroom. The Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather was what we purchased instead. It folded up and had a pretty tiny footprint that I was able to put on the shelf above the toilet when not in use.  Owen was a very easy baby and didn't try and fling himself anywhere and would sit. However, Lilly when she could sit on her own she did not want to stay in it. So we couldn't use it for as long as we did with Owen. So an economical baby seat for her was just a laundry basket. (And bonus - when she was done needing it for bath time I had another laundry basket to use)! So I had sold this after Lilly had outgrown it so when Mr. Evan arrived I did have to repurchase another bath seat. This time I did something a little different. I got the Anglecare Baby Bath Support. It doesn't fold - but it was small enough to fit on the shelf in the closet. (Having kid number three necessitated us selling our 3 bedroom house and buying a bigger now we're in a 4 bedroom 2 bath 1800 sq ft house). So my bathroom upstairs has a good sized closet but the Angelcare Baby Bath Support is still pretty small and fits nicely on the shelf.

One of the holy grail items of our household has not been without is the Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother.  It has several different modes - from playing classical music to just white noise and lights up or the lights can stay off - it is the night time essential for us. Only pain is that having 3 of go through a lot of C batteries as each one takes 4 batteries. I should buy Duracell stock at this point. Chris and I had made it a point that none of the kids would ever sleep in our bed (no room anyway with the two dogs with us) so having this hanging in their cribs was amazing. If they were a tad fussy with bedtime this kept them distracted/entertained enough that they would fall asleep. The light and music mode is our favorite. I hear it over the baby monitor and even I enjoy the classical music that is plays.

There are loads of different pacifiers out there. And one of the biggest pains is losing them. Behold - the Wubbanub! Pacifier plus toy = win. These are much harder to lose. Bonus points that they are adorable and there are many different animals to choose from. Between all of them - I think I've purchased most of the animals available. Brown puppy, red puppy, duckies, frogs, penguins, cows, and dinosaurs. And it's easy adding one of the clips to them to attach to a bib if needed. And I find that they rather get attached to the toy so it's made getting them off the pacifier a tad easier. Owen still has his puppies that he carries around. Lilly we are currently working on getting her off the pacifier. (She kept breaking the pacifier part and at almost $14 a was getting too expensive). And Evan has the cutest fox and hippo one right now.


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The palette that started it all....

I've mentioned in past ramblings that I really only got into makeup after my daughter was born in 2014. Prior to that I rarely ever used foundation (never found anything that didn't break me out) and my eye shadow consisted of a few Wet 'n' Wild and Almay trios if that even. And forget about blush, bronzer, or highlighter or even a brow pencil. And primer - what was that?! LOL.

But the palette that started my obsession with "high" end makeup was this....

The Urban Decay Smoked palette.

I believe I bought it off someone in a swap group and it was brand new.

But I was hooked after that. The colors were awesome. And it came with essentially an instruction booklet which was perfect for a noob like myself.

For myself, the palette contains an entire look. My favorite color out of the whole bunch is Barlust. It is such a beautiful brown shade. And it's only in this palette. I have yet to find a good dupe for it. I hope Urban Decay makes a single someday.

After using a primer, I used Freestyle all over my lid and up into my crease. It is a great base color to help with blending. It is almost my skin tone so the swatch didn't show up well. Then I used Backdoor in the crease. Barlust all over my lid and Mushroom in the inner corner. And dusted Kinky on to highlight my brow bone.

And voila! This is still one of my favorite palettes even though I have collected so many more.


Here are the rest of the products I used on my face. :)

All opinions are my own and this is not sponsored by any companies mentioned above. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

An Update of Sorts...

So I decided to a little update to the blog. I didn't want to start completely over as I love my title.  So I just revamped everything a little bit.

I plan on rambling about anything and everything.

The first post after recreating my blog is always the hardest.

But a quick little summation is that I am - as my About Me says - very eclectic. I have diverse interests and hobbies and hope to share a little bit of everything.

I'm a busy mom. I work full-time. I have 3 children under the age of 4. I have a lot of hobbies/interest/obsessions and not enough time. I'm a chameleon. I adapt and change depending on who I'm hanging out with.  I'm a gamer, nerd, geek, and  a lover of history. (I've actually had a paper published).

I like to collect things. I have a fairly large book collection as I love to read. I do prefer an actual book over an eBook but sometimes the eBooks are just more convenient.  I love to play World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. I love music. I play the violin and have played since I was 11. But even though I'm a classical violinist I do love listening to Rammstein. I like to knit and crochet. I like to draw and paint. I also like being outside. I love horses and hope that someday I will own one again. I'm a total tomboy but I love to wear makeup. These are just a few of the things that I enjoy and will hopefully write about.

So welcome back to my revamp!


Friday, February 10, 2017

My Everyday Face

As I was talking with a good friend a week or so ago - we were talking and the topic came up about blogging. We are both makeup lovers and I mentioned that I always wanted to blog about makeup and she told me I should. She runs a small makeup page and thought it would be fun to post it there as well. So here I am! Thank you, Janel, for giving me this push to blog about make-up and the first topic! :)

So the topic of today is my holy grail (aka My Everyday Face) items that if I were stranded on an island with only these I could survive. (Even though if I was on a desert island I doubt makeup would be one of the things I would be worried about LOL).

So this is my everyday look that I do for work more or less - and these are the products I use:

So I tend to put my face products on first and then do my eyes. I know a lot of people do their eyes first due to fall-out but it's never been a huge issue for me to dust away any stray eyeshadow. 

Benefit Cosmetics - Porefessional Primer: I've tried a few primers here and there and Porefessional is my go to. (I love AFK Cosmetics Paladin Primer - but unfortunately that indie brand is no longer in business /sad Cat. Her Paladin Primer is on par with Porefessional). Porefessional goes on nice and smoothly and does a good job minimizing the appearance of my pores. It doesn't feel greasy or oily on me and it goes on practically invisible. It also hasn't made me break out which is a huge win!

Kat Von D - Lock-it Powder Foundation: I've tried a lot of different foundations and my skin is sometimes fickle and breaks out. I also have more pink-neutral undertones and so many foundations I find lean very warm/yellow undertones so I struggled for a long time finding a foundation that didn't make me look orange and didn't break me out. I have both the liquid and powder versions of her foundation and both work excellent. I love that they have ones with a pink undertone to them. I gravitate towards the powder version most of the time because I don't always have a ton of time to devote to putting on makeup in the morning. (Most often - I'm putting my face on at stoplights during my commute to work or in the parking garage). It is a medium coverage foundation that can be built up to full. It sometimes looks a tad patchy if my skin is dry (which I'm currently struggling with a bit because it's winter and I just had a baby so my skin always freaks out a bit). But it covers me well but doesn't completely cover all my freckles which I like.

Becca - Afterglow Palette: I love all-in-one type products that I can grab and go. The Afterglow Palette has your highlighter, blush, and bronzer all in one. I generally only use the blush and the highlighters as I don't use bronzer all that often. I struggle with contouring my round face LOL. Most of the time bronzer looks like it's too yellow on me anyway. I tend to use Moonstone the most - but I like to mix Moonstone and Rose Gold. I find that these go on pretty subtle and they're definitely not over the top which is perfect for everyday at work.

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Perversion: Since I've got hooded eyes - I tightline most of the time versus doing it the normal way. I still haven't yet found the best eyeliner for tightlining but Urban Decay's 24/7 Eyeliner works pretty well. My eyes water due to allergies so having something that doesn't automatically wash a way is a good thing. It goes on well and stays awhile before my watering eyes decimate it. It is a rich creamy product with really great pigmentation.

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Enigma: Once I discovered eye shadow primer the world changed. Having hooded eyes, my eye shadow tended to crease a lot. I like Urban Decay's regular Primer Potion - but I really like Enigma because it is matte and adds a nice base to my eyelids. It goes on well and blends out quickly and dries quickly for me.

Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Palette: I love how this palette has neutral, warm, and cool quads arranged. It makes putting a coordinating look together pretty easy. My favorite is the cool quad but I don't always just stick with one. The shades all go on really well (even though they are a bit powdery and there is some kick up in the pan but that is something I can live with).  I love to use Lazarus in the crease with Lucius all over my lid. I'll use Saleos in the outer corner and Shax to deepen it a bit more and my lower lash line. And Liberatus in the inner corner and to highlight my brow bone.

Colourpop Brow Pencil - Dope Taupe: Colourpop has really great products and all under $8 so they are great when you're on a budget and they're great quality. Most of the time when I try and do my eyebrows I look like I've sharpied them on because, even though I have dark brown hair, making my eyebrows match my hair makes me look silly. The shade Dope Taupe is not too dark and not too light and just gives my brows some oomph. I'm lucky that I have already thick brows so they don't need a lot of help anyway.

TheBalm What's Your Type Bodybuilder Mascara - Mascara for me seems to be mascara and I have six tubes open right now. I do love this product from TheBalm (most of their stuff is amazeballs) but I struggle a bit with this wand and getting product on my lids if I'm not super careful. I love how thick and full this makes my lashes look even if I have to take a q-tip to my eyelids to clean up some stray mascara. I've not noticed it to crumble too much even though I do have watery eyes.

And last but not least....

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick - Lolita: This is totally a my lips but better shade. It dries down pretty quickly as long as you don't cake it on. If I'm not wearing lipstick I do generally just use some sort of lip balm like Burt's Bee's or EOS. But I like liquid lipsticks because they don't budge all that much.

So this is my everyday look with items that if I were stranded on a desert island I would want to take with me. I like how it's not too over the top and just perfect for work. It makes me look more awake and alive (which some days I can take all the help I can get since I'm a mom of 3 under 4 and I work full-time outside of the house).

All opinions are my own and this is not sponsored by any companies mentioned above. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Years Fitness Resolution - with DDPYoga

Sometime within the last couple of years, Chris showed me this transformation video. It was of a man who was a veteran, was severally overweight and could not walk without the assistance of crutches. He started doing yoga (among eating healthier) and can now walk and is very fit. Here is an article about it - I thought that was mind blowing. To just do yoga and be that fit. He used DDPYoga. Chris is such a huge wrestling fan that he knew about DDP. It intrigued me and I wanted to try it after I saw the video. However, at the time, it wasn't in the budget to do this. I just continued what I had been doing - counting calories and other forms of exercise.

I have lower back/hip issues and see the chiro regularly for them since 2010. (Pinched nerves/SI Joint issues). I have not had a bad relapse now since Nov 2011. After I threw my back out after starting a new job in Nov 2011.

I started in December 2011 on the journey to lose weight. I was 300-305 lbs. By the end of April 2012 I was down approximately 30 lbs. I then found out I was pregnant. Throughout my pregnancy I gained almost all of that back (never broke the 300 mark again though)! After having Owen, I plummeted to around 255 because I wasn't eating enough between not sleeping and feeding him. Once he started sleeping I came back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 270. After about 5 months, I was hovering and gaining the same 3-4 lbs. At the beginning of June I decided that it was enough and I was going to get back on the wagon. :)

After starting a new job in July 2013 - I managed to go back up to 267. On September 5, 2013 I needed to try something different. On that day, I started the 5:2 lifestyle. So far, it is working quite well for me.

Mini-goal met! :D October 26, 2013 - 50 lbs lost. 16.67 percent of my body weight lost.

Goal weight is 180 lbs. At that point, I will have lost 120 lbs. That is 40% of my body weight. That is something crazy to think about!

Right now I want to also start toning and strengthening my body now that I've lost a significant amount of weight. I have really flabby arms and no upper body strength to speak of.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nutter Butter Trifle

Here is my recipe for my Nutter Butter Trifle I made for the 2013 Breiling/Kirchhoff Family Reunion.

Ingredient List:

2 tubs of Cool Whip
2 small packages of Chocolate Pudding
4 cups Milk
1 cup Peanut Butter (more or less depending on how you want the taste)
1 package of Nutter Butter cookies
Chocolate Chips
Peanut Butter Chips

Make pudding as directed.

In mixing bowl, combine Peanut Butter and Cool Whip until creamy.

Crush half the box of Nutter Butter cookies and set aside.

(You can layer the ingredients however you would like in the trifle dish - alternating creamy and crunchy).

Layer of Chocolate Pudding.

Layer of Nutter Butter crumble.

Layer of Peanut Butter Cool Whip.

Layer of chocolate and peanut butter chips.

And repeat until you fill it up.

I like the top layer to be the Cool Whip mixture.

Garnish with the remaining Nutter Butter cookies, crumble, chocolate and peanut butter chips.

Keep refrigerated until ready to serve!