Life goes on.........

Sometimes it feels like the future will never get here, as silly as that sounds.

I know it's going to take awhile to get back on my feet after I go through with this bankruptcy stuff. I really hate to do it. But I was a stupid, idiot teenager, thinking I was invincible to the evils of debt and credit cards.

Essetially, because I was linked to my parents credit history via having their credit cards in my name for gas in high school, I was approved for every credit card under the sun. I was doing ok. I paid for my car using my credit limit. I fear actual loans for no apparent reason. Same with school. I also spent money I didn't have on worthless junk.

I was doing ok until I made a job switch that unfortunately lowered my income a small amount, but it was enough. I have talked to a couple of my credit card companies, but for the most part I've avoided my calls. I've overdrafted my checking account several times trying to appease them while pleading, please lower my payment.

I went to a credit counseling place, I was deficit each month by a substantial amount. They recommended a second job, or bankruptcy. I kept my eye out for a week for a second job (Chris has been working with the state to get a job, but it's been slow going). But with my work schedule's unpredictability and the hours I'm currently working, I'd have to work nights. Nights means no sleep. No sleep means a very grumpy Kitty. Grumpy Kitty = Not a good thing. Also, no time to play WoW, my one indulgence.

I decided to talk to my cousin about Bankruptcy, since he was a lawyer. He recommended me to a very nice gentleman that actually goes to St. Pete's. (Might have a gig coming my way as well, since he was a musician. hehe).

I've weighed the pros and cons. I've talked to other people in my age bracket that the same thing has happened to them. I don't feel so alone now. Out of my family, only my mother knows. She's against it and would rather me work with the credit card companies. But I hate talking to them because they're a) all foreign, and b) when I have talked to them, they can't do anything for me.

When I talked to the lawyer he was neither for it or against my doing so. He gave me the facts straight up. (He also gave me his price, straight up, which the other firm I had called wouldn't do...)

I think I am going to go through with it. I have to get my affairs in order. I need my '07 taxes done (which will be done tonight) along with my bills and other forms he gave me. Compared to the fee I will have to pay and the mark on my credit history to my current debt this will be a relief. I won't stress anymore. I'll actually be able to save some money to get a house. Because damnit, I want a house and a dog. No more cats. They are evil.

I talked to him about reestablishing my credit, and he says it's very easy, many of his clients get the preapproved cards in the mail still and that the 10 year black mark is not neccesarily true. (I do know after three years you can buy a house with conventional financing. HAHA). I don't neccessarily want to wipe out all my cards. The stupid littel balance cards I will take care of. (IE. Old Navy, Fashion Bug, etc).

One could easily point out that I could move back home and continue saving money that way and not have to go the bankruptcy route. Fair point. I can never move back home. The stress of living at home is too great compared to this even. (And the lack of cable internet...HAHA). I'm a fairly independent gal and as my mother told me of this whole situation and just of me in general, I have to re-invent the wheel. I won't go by other's opinions and life experiences, I have to find out for myself. (Which does get me into trouble sometimes).

Chris has an opportunity to get A+ certified and has several job openings available to him if he passes. So that is exciting! And I'm thrilled that he's coming out of his shell.

All in all, life goes on. You hopefully learn from mistakes you've made. I know I have. I hate to go this route, yet I know I need to, because it is the only way I'll be able to realize the rest of my dreams. (I will go back to school and I will own my own house with a dog :D )


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