**Ding** Another character to level 70!

Well, it has been awhile. I keep meaning to blog, and I really want to write, but I always forget or just decide not to.

Well, I dinged level 70 on my second character in World of Warcraft. Cahtch is now a level 70 Feral Tauren Druid. I'm not sure what she will be doing endgame. A part of me wants to tank, yet another part of me wants to try and heal. I've got Chaen to DPS, since she's a BM Hunter. Even though Kitty DPS is a lot of fun. Prowling and mangling away.


The Ding Shot

I did it in 13 days, 11 hours, 6 minutes and 35 seconds. That was really quick considering Chaen was at 22 days, 2 hours, 52 minutes and 13 seconds when I hit 70 on her. And supposedly hunters are really quick and easy to level.

My eventual goal is to get a level 70 of each class. I'm running two accounts so I can boost my lowbies through dungeons without having to group.

I'm learning to tank still. It's fun. I enjoyed Mana Tombs a lot. I hope they liked me. I was still trying my best towards the end, but I think the DPS were getting a bit carried away. I had a hard time keeping aggro. I think it was because everything had been so easy and we were flying through it. I was also the highest level.

I switched Chaen to enchanting so I'll have an in-house enchanter. I'm glad the Blood Elves get that racial bonus. I'll have to do some dailies on her, as she only has 50 some odd gold on her atm. (Maybe even less cause I just bought a bunch of stuff to DE).

I'm debating whether to work towards the Epic Flight Form for Cahtch. I need 5000 gold to do so. So many decisions.


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