Thursday, April 10, 2008

This might make me come off as a callous and uncaring bitch....but....
^ This is an article regarding the crash that killed 3 teenagers in Chesterfield the other day. Everyone is making them out to be victims. Yes, it's sad that they died. But they deserved it. They were screwing around and acting irresponsibly while driving down a ridiculously busy road! They're victims of their own stupidity.

Reading articles like this makes my blood boil. Yes, I was a teen driver at one time. But I knew the risks and I've seen accidents, I'd been in a few minor fender benders (mind you, as a passenger). Only accident I've been in, was when a new teenage driver wasn't paying attention and rearended my Neon, totalling it. Luckily no one was hurt, but she was a idiot.

I know there is the teenage "god" mode where you think nothing can hurt you, but it isn't there. You're just as vulnerable as the rest of society. And when you pull stupid antics like that, there are consequences. And this time, their actions ended in their death and injury of others. Take responsibility, you're no victims, except of your own stupidity and so-thought immortality.