The Ups and Downs........

Well, it was pretty amazing, after playing WoW since 2006, I finally have a character at the level cap. I started Chaen back when The Burning Crusade expansion came out last January. She started out on Darrowmere, a pvp server. Both my boyfriend and friends wanted to move to a CST/EST server and still stay pvp so we moved to Azshara. After a few months on there, everyone wanted to go back the Draka, my first server, where my friends had higher lvl characters. So we moved again. Around this time I believe I was in my 40s/50s and pvp servers sucked at those lvls.

Well, after a year and about a month, last Wednesday, Chaen has hit lvl 70. It was amazing. I got my flying mount last night as well! Chris loaned me 80 gold and then I borrowed 53 from the guild bank...(Hey! I'll pay it back, I'm the GM anyway :P )

So I have a tawny windstrider. He's smexy. I don't know what I'll call him yet,.

And the down for the day....I lost a set of my keys. In fact, probably one of the most important sets of keys....My work keys and my parents house keys....... I get to work this morning, only to realize, I'm short a set on my keychain....WTF?!? I think they must have fallen off in the parking lot of my apartment. And by now, they've probably been plowed into a huge snow drift. And I felt like such an ass when I had to call my boss, (already 15 minutes late as it was, but that's not really my fault, as roads were bad, and they changed the location of where I was working today anyway...) and ask him what to do. Thank god there was a key around. So now, a lovely day at work. Because it's so slow here, I even shoveled the entire parking lot out front.

I've been here since 9AM and the phone has not rang once. Hopefully the day goes by quickly.


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