The palette that started it all....

I've mentioned in past ramblings that I really only got into makeup after my daughter was born in 2014. Prior to that I rarely ever used foundation (never found anything that didn't break me out) and my eye shadow consisted of a few Wet 'n' Wild and Almay trios if that even. And forget about blush, bronzer, or highlighter or even a brow pencil. And primer - what was that?! LOL.

But the palette that started my obsession with "high" end makeup was this....

The Urban Decay Smoked palette.

I believe I bought it off someone in a swap group and it was brand new.

But I was hooked after that. The colors were awesome. And it came with essentially an instruction booklet which was perfect for a noob like myself.

For myself, the palette contains an entire look. My favorite color out of the whole bunch is Barlust. It is such a beautiful brown shade. And it's only in this palette. I have yet to find a good dupe for it. I hope Urban Decay makes a single someday.

After using a primer, I used Freestyle all over my lid and up into my crease. It is a great base color to help with blending. It is almost my skin tone so the swatch didn't show up well. Then I used Backdoor in the crease. Barlust all over my lid and Mushroom in the inner corner. And dusted Kinky on to highlight my brow bone.

And voila! This is still one of my favorite palettes even though I have collected so many more.


Here are the rest of the products I used on my face. :)

All opinions are my own and this is not sponsored by any companies mentioned above. 


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